Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally some progress!

Ok I lied about the Sunday shop update. But I did post three bags yesterday, and I will do two more tonight! The problem is just that I need to sleep at least a little bit. And apparently I don't do enough of that because I was waaaay too tired this morning.

Well these 5 Charing Cross Slings were complete as of Saturday and my photographer came over Sunday to take these beautiful photos of them!

You can see more about them and maybe even purchase one at my etsy shop here. I can't seem to pick a favorite because I spent time on each one so I love them all! But if I had to pick a best seller I'm totally calling that brown and aqua plaid one in the front. It is so stylish!

In other news, we got a ton of other work done Sunday as well! Instead of dragging my entire fabric collection to shows and purse parties (which is really becoming a problem because it never stops growing!), I will have a swatch book with samples of all my fabrics! Soo much easier right? And each time I buy a new fabric I can just snip a little swatch and add it to the book. This will also be a great help for inventory tracking and also taking custom orders. I don't have to get confused when I have written "black and white fabric with flowers" then I look at my stash and I have 3 of them!

I was thinking I can assign each swatch a number, then maintain a spreadsheet with inventory levels, designer info, pricing and reorder instructions. AND I can link it to photos of the fabric just in case I forget what Amy Butler's Wallflower in Mustard looks like (yeah right). How dorky is that, right? I love Excel too much.

So anyways we're almost done with all of my patterned quilting cotton (not doing solid cottons) and now there's only canvas, corduroy, and duck fabric. Thank goodness I have less of those at least!

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