Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Friday Links

So I know I missed last week's link roundup. A mini business trip meant I was not at my computer until after 10:30pm, and with the car issues there was no time for internet browsing. But we're back this week with 5 fun links on this glorious springlike Friday!

1. I'm sure children all over the country are rejoicing at this article on the most beneficial amount of homework - none!

2. Via Craftster's Tute Tuesday feature, I found this tasty looking daisy cupcakes tutorial! These would be great to share on Easter, I love the little ladybugs on there!

3. My niece's birthday is coming up on Monday, so I was wondering who else was born on her birthday and I found this site! Plug in your birthdate to see who else shares your special day. Haylie is lucky enough to have the same birthday as Chingy and L'il Bow Wow. I have always known that Bruce Springsteen and I share a birthday but apparently Jason Alexander is on the list as well. Can you guess my birthday?

4. With the upcoming time change, I was curious about the origins of Daylight Savings Time. Because I'm such a dork I found it fascinating and decided to share this article with you!

5. As a lover of both handmade glass items and Amy Butler, I find myself totally in love with these magnets!

And there you have it! Now for some shop news - I am slowly but surely working on a future shop update. Currently 5 new (and awesome!) Charing Cross Slings only need the lining attached and final topstitching. Pictures/item listings coming Sunday! Also 5 Kensingtons are about halfway I'd say. I've just got 4 more custom orders to do and then I can fully concentrate on building inventory...until my two purse parties and one craft fair this month!

Whew March is going to be intense, and April for that matter since I will be finishing the custom orders from March! I have a big list of things to do and bags to make before these events and not enough time on my calendar, so let's hope for motivation and efficiency in the coming weeks shall we?

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