Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabric Overload!

I keep getting news of all these new fabrics and I'm so excited! Brain...can'

Jessica Jones (my new favorite awesome designer!) is extending her Amusement Park Collection to include two more colorways and also a couple new designs! The original colorway is also coming back as "Candy" and will also be available in the new prints.

"Spa" colorway

"Earth" colorway

This fabric line has been picked up by Braemore, which means it should be available in stores! It's funny because I had just been saying how I was really hoping her fabric lines would take off because I love her designs and wanted to see more! And just a few hours later I saw that my wish came true, although I'm a bit behind on my blog reading because I think this was annouced a week ago. I'm so happy to be able to find it in stores! Not that I don't love ordering from jcaroline, but I don't want to wait for my fabric if I don't have to. If you'd like you can preorder though! Anyways, Go Jessica! I'm very excited for you!

My second piece of awesome fabric news is that cotton duck cloth, which I use for the Bloomsbury Messenger and its variations and accents on some other bags, now comes in a ton of new AWESOME colors! I saw them at the store last night, and when I inquired I heard they just came in last Thursday (nothing comes in at Jo-Ann Fabrics without me finding out within a week!). I thought they felt a bit thinner or less stiff than the original colors, but without sewing with them I can't be sure. They were definitely labeled duck cloth.

Well here are the colors as named by Jo-Ann or whoever: pastel pink, snap pink, fuschia, purple, yellow, grass, avocado, light blue, turquoise. I would really call the pinks baby pink, light pink and hot pink, and the purple could also be termed violet because it's a dark shade. I saw they also added some to the website that have been in stores for awhile.

These are all available on the Bloomsbury and my custom listing has been updated accordingly! I'm eager to start making some pink and purple messenger bags so please go ahead and order! Convo me if you're interested in the mini or the diaper bag, as those listings are not currently posted.

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