Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

When we woke up this morning, there was so much snow! We must have gotten at least a foot. It's beautiful outside. We admired it for awhile until we realized - the driveway needed shoveled! Of course it was cold and still snowing so our clothes got all wet and our arms are tired, but it's pretty good exercise at least!

I can't wait to babysit my niece tomorrow so we can play in the snow together. She's almost two years old and she's still a little afraid to touch the snow, but she likes to stand around in her snowsuit and boots! Last time she cried when my sister and I made snow angels, she thought we were getting hurt! Hopefully tomorrow goes a little better...

In sewing news, I finished two Bloomsbury messenger bags and they turned out better than I imagined! I love completing this bag because it feels like such an accomplishment. I think these were done in some really great fabrics too. Sorry for the horrible pictures, the actual photo shoot (with a nice camera!) will be tomorrow and the bags are going out Monday!

One is a large diaper bag in black cotton duck and Amy Butler's Water Garden in Forest for the accent and lining. This was a custom order from Bazaar Bizarre. I love the diaper bag but truthfully, it's an intense bag to make! Two types of pockets (one elasticized) that require different construction styles, and it's twice as wide as the regular Bloomsbury. For this one I found some really great nickel buttons for the front.

The bag in the front is the mini-messenger. Also a custom order, but this one was from Etsy and the customer let me pick the lining fabric! The request was for brown corduroy on the outside and something blue/green for the lining with a smallish pattern. I think this Kaffe Fassett fabric fits the description and looks amazing next to the brown cord. I went with matching green buttons on this one. The strap had to be canvas because of some shedding problems with the corduroy so I hope she doesn't mind!

There have been some quick little personal projects going on in between bags for customers. I'll post some pictures later, but they include toiletry bags (made specifically for my business trip last week!), patchwork coasters made of scraps and a linen hanging organizer. All the projects were really fun and quick, it would be great if eventually I could open up another shop to sell items for the home! I'm really excited about these so I can't wait to post pics later!
Enjoy the snow if you have it! :)

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