Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ikea love :)

Ahh Ikea. My favorite store! It's really too bad the closest one is 2 hours away in Pittsburgh...or is that a good thing? Probably 90% of our furniture is Ikea. So anyways, I have a custom order that uses Ikea fabric and the piece I had was too short, so the boyfriend and I made an emergency road trip to PA yesterday. Of course I got plenty of other fabrics too!
There are some exciting new ideas floating around my head right now, and sometimes you just have to stop what you're working on and start creating before you lose the inspiration. So that's what I did yesterday after Ikea. I'm going out of town next week (this week? I guess so since it's Sunday) for work and thought I could use a new purse. I love my Charing Cross Sling in brown corduroy and pink flowers, but it's getting kind of dirty and I wanted something less casual. So I chose a black and white fabric from Ikea (if you look in the picture it's the top one in the stack on the right) and it's a whole new design that I think is going to be a hit! More details to come's still not done as my trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up supplies fell through, so I must go after work tomorrow. Don't worry, completed project photos will be up as soon as it's finished! I've also got two messenger bags in progress right now, basically I've been alternating between them whenever I get time to sew! Well I guess it's time to get back to work then!

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