Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sick = No fun

Wow I guess I've just been updating every weekend, but really I meant to do it more often! I've had the flu for a week now, been really sick since Wednesday though. I mean like missing work sick. There's no need to go into all the phlegmy details. Someone told me this strain of flu that's going around is resistant to the flu shot. I was counting on that to get me through the winter!

Finally feeling better today though! I had a bad feeling when I woke up and I was still exhausted, but I was able to get up and clean the bathroom! Now I feel as though I have accomplished something. Still a lot more to do today though, I have a Big Ben to finish, buttons to sew on one Charing Cross Sling, and if I can I'd like to get in a couple patchwork coasters before my mom's birthday dinner tonight. Yay for the Olive Garden! I also have to wrap her present - an I love the 80's board game! I saw it at the store and though, how perfect is that??? My mom still lives in the 80's I think.

Now I promised I'd post some photos of my newest design and here it is: the Kensington Handbag! Ok it's really a shoulderbag but I think you can hold it either way, and handbag just sounds better.

The fabric is from Ikea, and I added white piping as an accent. The lining is a mint green cotton with white polka dots. I think there are some nice touches on this bag that make it more professional, like the piping, the O-rings on the straps (which are cotton duck, very sturdy!) and also I did an insert of black duck on the lining where the snap is attached, so that at the top all you see is black. I just think that adds something to the look.
Well I've just finished up a ton of custom bags so once I snap some photos I will post!

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