Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative Endeavors

There has been lots of work going on in my sewing room lately! I don't even have photos of it all. Unfortunately I gave my photographer my flu so all I have are some not so great in progress photos of my Charing Cross Slings, and no pictures of the Big Ben or Westminster Tote I finished! I still have the tote so hopefully I can get in some good shots before delivery this weekend.

Well here are the awesome slings before they got sewn together. These were some custom orders from Bazaar Bizarre. Don't my customers pick the best fabrics?!

I know it's hard to see the one on the right but don't worry, I'll be making more of that one! I've also been making these patchwork coasters like mad. Originally they were inspired by some coasters I saw on iheartlinen's blog.

The green ones are for my living room, and the others are just because. I tried to use all scrap fabrics, but for the pink I had less than I thought so I had to cut into some virgin pieces. These were so easy to make and it only took about 15 min each including cutting. I may not be the best at patchwork, but the more I make the more practice I get!

Each one is lined with a piece of Insul-Bright (not sure if it will help keep my drinks cold or not but it was the right thickness) and backed with a plain complimentary cotton. Hopefully I'll be able to add these to my shop once I perfect my piecing skills. I don't know how quilters do it!

I've got quite a few more bags to finish before I'm finally caught up, including a super cute mini Bloomsbury in navy blue, then hopefully I can work on restocking my shop! I'd like to get at least 5 of each design so keep checking back for updates!

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