Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Activities

Once again, an old addiction rears its ugly head and consumes half of my evening before I even realize! I even think about it at work. What am I talking about? Internet games! Mah-jong tiles, word games, the "adventure games" with storylines, I can't help it, I just love them all. The game that has had me enthralled since last Tuesday is Diner Dash 2.

This game and others definitely contributed to my C in Organic Chemistry II my senior year of college! There are several versions, but in the one I have been playing a ruthless businessman named Mr.Big is planning to tear down a block of unique restaurants to build a Mega Foodplex. Flo, the waitress, has to help her friends earn enough money for their rent checks to avoid being taken over. The mechanics of the games are all the same. Flo seats the guests, takes the order to the counter, brings the food, takes the bill and clears the dishes. But there are all sorts of extra things that earn you points, like bringing a high chair to the tables with Families or serving drinks to unhappy customers. There are different types of customer and each has a personality quirk that may help or hinder you. The Families and Cell Phone guys are very noisy, and the Businesswomen and Bookworms don't like to sit next to them. They might even get up and leave if their happiness points go to zero. It would be too easy to just seat customers anywhere you want though, so the tables are laid out differently every time. Plus each customer wears a different color, and you get bonus points for putting them in the same color seat. As you progress through the levels, the game offers choices for decor upgrades, new food items for the customers to choose like appetizers and dessert, and little "helps" like you can call in a hostess or drink waiter, and seat customers on a bench while they wait for a table. It's actually very cool, there's a diner, pizza place, Mexican cantina and Japanese restaurant. So I guess that's my little plug for Diner Dash. Next up, Fairy Godmother Tycoon!

Some other happenings this weekend include my sister coming over to help me cut some fabric for lots and lots of bags! Some custom, some new things that have been in my head. My sewing room was very busy yesterday! The best part was that she brought my 2-year old niece, whose supervillain name is Distract-o.

I think the only way we managed to get any work done was by popping in The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. Thank goodness for Disney!

And now for shop news: two new bags will be debuting in the shop sometime this week! The all new Westminster Handbag is a new style based on the Westminster Tote. It's more structured but it's very spacious, and with the fun prints I've chosen I think it will be a great look for spring. One is pink! Keep an eye out for photos on my blog and for the bags to be available for purchase in the shop.

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