Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New bags!

Here is the Westminster Handbag, based on the ever popular Westminster Tote. I love the way this bag turned out!

It was a lot of work though. I'm not sure if that's because I was making two at once or because of all the pieces and stiff interfacing. I'll just have to make another and see! Isn't this pink Jessica Jones fabric perfect for spring?

This bag uses Ikea fabric that I bought earlier in the month and have been dying to use! It's actually from one of their pre hemmed curtain fabric turned sideways. The inside is Sandi Henderson's Petal Party in green, which I've used on several bags and I have in 3 different colors! I love it :)

Some button detail and side shots! I think the buttoned tabs are my favorite new feature because it cinches the sides. This keeps the bag closed enough so your stuff doesn't spill out, but they're not so tight that you can't get anything inside. It still opens very wide. And I love the long straps too! It's such a pain when you can't get your arm in your purse (especially a problem when wearing a heavy winter coat!).

So what do you think of my new bags?


pascale said...

I love your bags, they are stunning. Keep the good work.

brittany said...

Thanks! I've got more new styles coming soon.

disegnaropa said...

hola soy de Argentina y me encantaron tus bolsos yo tambien hago de tela pero firmes y me interesaria saber si tienes moldes o patrones para trabajar vinilicos o simil cuero gracias desde ya. Faty

Evelina Sunny said...

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