Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh happy day!

Behold its beauty!

We decided to take the plunge and purchase a DSLR before the London trip. I also wanted a new camera to take pictures for my Etsy shop. After tons and tons of research, I decided on the Nikon D3000. But I waited too long for a good deal and then I couldn't find one anywhere! So for virtually the same price, I was able to get a refurbished Nikon D3100! 

It arrived Monday but we didn't get to open the package until late evening, then it took awhile to charge, so we only got a few photos in. Plus, having nothing interesting to take photos of and it being night time, we got bored after a few minutes. Here are a few of the first of many wondrous photos to come...

Either... "You humans bore me." or "Stay away 
from my bag if you know what's good for you."

My nearly finished legwarmers! 
Lesson learned: This is not a flattering angle for my calves.

Kitteh has claimed this Target bag for her own. We aren't allowed near it. My new honey cowl was trapped under it for awhile but I rescued it yesterday and was able to bind off today. Photos of that to come soon, if I ever get home from work/errands/exercise before dark!

And the legwarmers are going to be the finishing touch on my outfit for celebrating St. Patrick's Day in London! I'm using Jane Richmond's free pattern on Ravelry (she is my new favorite knitting blogger btw). I should have some extra yarn leftover for the Straight on driving accessories handwarmers from Pickles. Of course it will probably be 60 degrees on our trip, but how can you go to the UK without wonderful wooly knits?

Spoilers - I baked some amazing pumpkin oatmeal raisin cookies and can't wait to share the details! More to come later this week, but the cookies definitely won't last that long, yum! 

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