Wednesday, March 7, 2012

current important dilemmas

I agonize about the smallest of decisions. Today's dilemma involves what color Bandana Cowl I should make to match my new kelly green trench coat below.

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This has been my number one topic of thought since I purchased the coat on Monday, even taking the place of how to design my very first camera bag which has been keeping me up at night for over a week now. (Yes, I'm lame, I know this.) Initial inclinations were towards a spring-y yellow, but I thought it might all be too Eastery. Kelly green always goes great with the right shade of blue, or maybe stick with a neutral like cream or grey? But I already have a grey I overthinking this? I even Googled "colors to pair with kelly green". Someone please offer a suggestion before I spend more time thinking about the cowl than I would actually spend knitting it up!
One area where inspiration did hit the mark was when I was browsing some madeline tosh chunky yarn for my cowl I was reminded of the beautiful Creature Comforts Cardi, pattern also by madeline tosh.

Photo courtesy Ravelry.
This is at the top of my dream knits list. It takes five skeins of madeline tosh vintage for the XS size! Thank goodness that's all I would need because while this is definitely my new favorite yarn to work with, I'm not ready to drop a Benjamin on yarn for a cardigan I may or may not have the skills to make. But wouldn't it look great in Magnolia Leaf?

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I have the notion in my head that all projects must. be. perfect. While sometimes it provides motivation to do it right, this can lead to an inability to finish something that's not going well, or even start it! I'm constantly searching for the ideal purse, which doesn't exist. This is why my designs constantly get revised, and why I discard even my own purses after a short time. Also this is why I can't seem to settle on a design for my London camera bag. D$ is awesome at getting things done, I think I'll have to get her to keep on me until I actually have a finished bag in my hands. After all, if there's something I'm not happy with I can always make another one. I'll leave you with a quote I keep on my desktop encourage me to get things done. Now to just follow my own advice...

Too much planning can lead to crippling inaction.

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