Friday, March 27, 2009

News + Fun Friday Links

I am sad to say I have seriously neglected blogging over the past week. Not just posting but reading as well. I think that might be why I haven't been motivated to sew for the past couple days, no crafty inspiration from my favorite blogs! Part of it might be the massive amount of crazy sewing I did last week in preparation for my show (which turned out to be a general waste of time) and the purse party I did (which went amazingly!).

Ok I guess the show wasn't that bad. People always take cards, although I wonder if they ever really look at my site after that. I usually don't go back to look online when I pick up cards at craft fairs, I'm sorry to say it. But, there were some great sellers next to us that offered some really good tips for wholesale options and upcoming shows! As my amazing assistant reminded me, you can't always judge a fair by the number of sales. It could be a total success as far as networking and advice, which could generate way more sales than you had on that day.

Plenty of new items came out of the mad sewing extravaganza that was last week. I've already posted the polka dot linen baskets and there are more on the way, and my sister made a ton of coasters similar to these (all by herself!) that I will put up some pictures of soon. A few mail holders, a ton of pillow cases, and some fabric wrapping paper round out the home decor items. New bags include 5 Kensingtons, 4 Sunburys, and 6 West end Clutches!

How cute is this hot pink clutch? The inside is an awesome green cotton with white polka dots. Reminds me of juicy watermelons :). Once I get some pictures snapped then I will post all of these amazing new items in the shop!

Onto what we've all been waiting for, the fun Friday links! I know I missed last week, but I barely stopped sewing all day. The boyfriend and I both took vacation that day and I was extremely upset with myself that I didn't hang out with him more. Well let's not dwell on the past, onto the links!

1. I've really been loving teapots lately. I think it's because I suddenly remembered my old tea kettle was lost in the move (as well as my copy of In Stitches...sad day) and I had to heat up my water in the microwave. So I've been shopping for a new kettle on Etsy. But are teapots only for water that's already hot? I found some great vintage enameled ones that I love, and also some handmade ceramic pots that are perfect for just one or two cups! I'm not sure if either of those can actually go on the stove. Can anyone help me out? Here are some of my favorites on Etsy though. Green is one of my top 3 colors right now :)

TEAPOT small leaf green vintage by Kalivoda

Chartreuse Teapot by utilemud

Teapot in Turqoise Green by sierraclayart

2. Although I really love decorating our house myself and finding unique ways to use ordinary objects, sometimes you just want a room straight out of a catalogue. Mostly, this happens to me with Ikea. But when the CB2 catalog came yesterday I could not put it down! I immediately fell in love with this outdoor sectional. If only I lived in a place where it didn't rain ALL THE TIME that would look great on our patio. Although I should be kind to Cleveland and let you all know that today it is sunny (after 2 days of chilly spring rain, and yes it definitely rained harder and colder every time I had to go outside).

3. An interesting quiz on portion control, and how portion sizes at restaurants and stores have become practically gargantuan over the past 20 years. Makes you wonder how anyone manages to stay slim and fit in this society! Of course taking the quiz totally made me want a big blueberry muffin. Go figure.

4. Ok I know I'm promoting someone who is already being promoted, but I absolutely love meganaumen's work! Someone's blog linked to it about a month ago and I fell in love with the pendant lamp but when I saw the price I decided not to even mention it to the boyfriend. She's now Etsy's featured seller and I have to look at her beautiful work every time I log in! Someday I hope...

And those are the links for this Friday! Hopefully this weekend I can get some photos snapped of my new items and put them in the shop!

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