Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So many unfinished projects in the shop right now...I feel bad for those 10 half sewn bags. They just get pushed aside when new ideas and custom orders come in. Please hang on just a few days longer, you will be completed soon I promise!

What was preventing me from working on those bags? Two awesome but intense messenger bags I shipped out yesterday, a Chelsea tote (which will be wrapped up tonight) and a new design, the Sunbury Messenger! I am VERY excited for the Sunbury, I posted it in the shop last night and I think it's already had quite a few views! I can't wait to create more in different colors/fabrics. Doesn't it remind you of spring?

And this lining makes me think of leaves beginning to fill out the bare branches of winter for some reason, even though it's not trees or leaves. Must be the color.

The design is very functional as well, which is the purpose of a bag right? Messengers are great for all seasons really, but in the winter the strap often gets caught up in your hood so spring is a better time to carry one I think. I love having a flap to close my bag because there's less to fumble with when you're in a hurry but it still keeps your stuff inside, and I put a little swivel hook/D-ring combo on there as a latch too. The strap also shortens enough for it to be worn as a purse too, which is very convenient. And of course, I included a zipper pocket inside.

I can't wait to make more of these. The green fabric I used is a very nice woven upholstery fabric in dark green, and I also have some of the same fabric in a deep red. I think I will pair it with either light grey duck cloth or golden yellow canvas...what do you think? Sophisticated red/grey or Gryffindor support with red/gold?

Once the messenger bags have arrived at their destinations, I will post pics! They are actually both diaper bags. One has a matching laptop sleeve and padded strap cover (I will now be offering both of those as optional accessories, I loved them so much!) and the other I called the Bloomsbury Diaper Bag X-treme because it's several inches bigger on all sides and has tons of additional pockets, a swivel hook inside for your keys, and purse feet! I willl also be upgrading the standard diaper bag to include some of those options as well. Stay tuned!

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