Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok so I really can no longer justify buying new clothes and accessories, especially frivolous ones. Why? I work in a chemical plant. I wear jeans and a t-shirt to work then change into a uniform. Or, I just wear my casual clothes to work and pray they don't get dirty. So I own a pair of black dress pants, grey dress pants, short black heels and high black heels just in case I have to go on a business trip and it's worked just fine for almost 2 years.

Well then I went to Target and I saw these shoes:

Photo courtesy of target.com

They're pink! And sooo pretty. I agonized over them for several minutes while the boyfriend gave me impatient looks and remarked about how I would never wear them because I never wear heels. Finally I put them back and went over to a different shoe aisle (by the way we did not go to the store to buy shoes). I picked out a sensible yet sexy pair of pointy black heels because my high ones are no longer in style and they are scuffed (which is true) and my short ones are too short for all of my dress pants. These are real justifications! :)

So then I put both pairs in the cart, just in case I wanted the pink ones after all, and of course I did so I left Target with two new pairs of heels! Since it was so warm on Sunday, I decided to wear them for the rest of the day. They hurt my feet and looked a little strange with my Columbia ski jacket, but I'm still happy that I bought them!

Although it's February I'm adding a new resolution to the list: wear my new pink heels so the boyfriend has no reason to gloat.

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