Wednesday, February 8, 2012

new items in the shop!

I've posted some new items in the shop! After renovating my sewing room (still not quite ready to post photos but soon, I promise!), I've been sewing up a storm and also I am finally able to take photos of some of my finished items. Snatch these up while you can! Also posted is a design your own Mini Bloomsbury, I've got a ton of canvas and cute prints to pair up just waiting for a new owner!

I've got a blank section of wall positioned where some light comes in...although it's only for about an hour on sunny weekend mornings...but in Ohio we take what we can get. There's only a couple items up right now but keep an eye out for another Sunbury in grey with a super cute apple accent fabric and also a new variation of travel bag - the Heathrow Carry-On - in black and white damask canvas on the body with black straps and accents. And the inside is pink!

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