Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a little pillow I whipped up for V-Day based on Diary of a Quilter's tutorial. This is a quick and improvisational project. I really just kind of winged it (wung it?) by cutting out the hearts first and then sizing the pillow to what would fit them all.

Turns out it fits perfectly on the Poang! That chair needed lumbar support anyways.

There weren't a lot of instructions but I did make a change. Since I can't stand to hand sew or embroider (it was bad enough closing the pillow) I just machine stitched two rows with red thread for the "string" before attaching the hearts, then again over the top for about an inch. You can kind of see it through the lighter hearts, but if it were a real string you'd see it anyways, right? I was just being accurate...

I decided to creatively stuff this pillow due to limited fiberfill resources. But never fear, when it comes to craft supplies I'm borderline hoarder so I have several plastic bags full of fabric scraps. Not usable scraps that could be used to make a super fun quilt, just bags and bags of selveges, seam trimmings, bits of fusible fleece and pieces that are too small to make it into the actual scrap bins. The sides and front are fiberfill to give it some cushion and keep the dark strips from peeking through. It's pretty comfy actually! Very easy on my back, and it has a nice weight so it doesn't get crushed after some use. What are some of your Valentine's crafts?

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