Thursday, July 7, 2011

new purse design

I've created a new purse design that I'm confident will be a huge hit! This one was made for my best BFF ever D$, who is also my photographer hence the awesome photo.

She loves red so I used sturdy red duck cloth, of course, for the exterior and straps. The bag zips closed and the bottom has a little bit of depth to it to hold all the necessities. The patterned sections on the front hide two slip pockets. I added the white ring to the strap for a different and fun element to the bag.

Although this will be a london purple bag, I designed it specifically with her needs and tastes in mind because they're so different from mine and can offer a customer perspective that's hard for me to see sometimes. I love big bags that can hold everything including the kitchen sink, which you'll see in my next blog post showcasing the prototype I made for myself. Although D$ claims to love all my designs, I've watched her preferences over the years and she usually just carries a few things with her - keys, wallet, cell phone. This purse will hold exactly that!

I plan to make these in a wide range of colors and prints, it can be a bold everyday bag for girls who love color and a minimalist style, or the perfect standout accessory for a night on the town when you're only carrying the basics. I'm thinking of coining it the Camden Town Bag, any other name suggestions?

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