Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Storage!

This is my accomplishment for the day. I built this storage unit (well, maybe not built...but I had to use a screwdriver and a hammer!) and I organized my fabric and filled it up! I need to find things to fill the small cubbies though. This was the last of my patterned canvas to be put away. Red, orange, yellow and green all have space on my Ikea shelving but blue, brown, grey and black were just chillin on the floor for awhile.

Can you believe I got this unit for Christmas and I'm just now getting around to putting it together? Ok if you know me personally that might not be too difficult to understand. I just didn't have a place to put it. Even now it's just hanging out in front of the closet. My sewing room is in desperate need of a rearrange!

As far as works in progress...I've been sorting fabric for future quilts! You can see some finished purple/white/brown squares for a Mod Sampler Quilt are taped to the closet doors (no room for a cool design wall, like I said, desperately need a rearrange!) and I've pulled fabrics for five more quilts! Coming up are:

The pluses quilt from i heart patchwork in aqua and yellow like the photo
A pink and brown baby quilt, pattern undecided 
A blue and brown baby quilt, pattern undecided
A bright yellow, orange and pink New Wave Quilt
A quilt using fall colors, pattern undecided

Also, a quilt top that I just finished up is this super cute, super simple striped quilt below! I think it's perfect for a young girl who's growing out of the baby pinks, or new parents who don't want the traditional pastels for their little girl.

I did attempt the quilting. The only appropriate sized batting I had on hand was Fusi-Boo, which apparently you can press onto the fabrics to eliminate the need for basting. Let's take this opportunity to do a little product review. I can see where it wouldn't be bad for small projects, like ones that fit nicely on your ironing board. The weight of the quilt hanging off made it hard to press perfectly. Before I got the hang of it there were some smushed parts on the backing but I was able to pull them off and re-iron neatly. I wanted to quilt vertical lines because I thought the perpendicularity (a word? judges?) would look neat. It was immediately apparent that while the pressing appeared straight, some stripes must have been off because they pulled and puckered and now all of my quilting needs to be unpicked. We'll try horizontal lines next.

So that's what I've been up to! Any tips or better experiences with Fusi-Boo? Pattern suggestions for the baby quilts?

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