Sunday, January 9, 2011

london purple is BACK!

Whew it has been awhile! I had a busy 2010 crafting for my wedding, but with the new year I am ready to kick london purple into high gear! My sewing machine has been abuzz for the past few months, mostly making some gifts for friends and items for around the house. I've been playing around with patchwork and quilting, and I am excited to incorporate these techniques into some of my products this year. Below are some photos of my latest projects. It seems like I have a log cabin fetish now!

This was my Christmas gift to my grandma's this year. They are quilted log cabin wall hangings. They have the same favorite colors - purple and yellow - but each one prefers one more than the other so they're slightly different on the bindings.

A little patchwork pincushion for my sister. Her gift was a pretty grey and yellow sewing basket filled with goodies, so I made a matching pincushion for her! I got the idea to make it a mini log cabin pattern from Pink Penguin's blog.

And finally, I'm working on a new london purple product for the home, quilted patchwork potholders! This is a prototype that I'm planning to give to my BFF. Her kitchen has sort of a red theme, so I hope they look good! It will be a set with a matching trivet.

I'm so excited to get london purple going again so keep following my blog to see new products and projects!

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