Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mmm mmm mmm!

That's all I have to say is mmmmmmmmmmmm! Today I was feeling particularly domestic, so I decided to do some baking! I really really love to bake. I may not like to cook, but I can be housewife-ly in other ways!

I finally baked the oatmeal raisin cookies Tom has been asking for since like, Christmas. (By the way, for ease of typing I've decided to start calling the boyfriend Tom. This is not his name, although it's sort of a running joke because people often mistake his name for Tom, so he gets to keep some anonymity. Back to cookies.) I don't know why it took me so long to bake them, they're not particularly difficult and we've had the ingredients. He's already eaten like 3 of them in the past couple hours so they must be tasty!

I thought this might be a good opportunity to bake some bread too, since the oven was warm and that's the only place I can really put the dough to rise. This is something I've been dying to do for a couple weeks now. My great grandma used to bake bread all the time, so I got a couple of her recipes and made a loaf of white bread. Didn't it turn out great?!

I kind of took a chance on it turning out edible and didn't get any bread at the store, but it tastes delicious! The only thing is I didn't let it cool completely before slicing it so it's a bit crumbly, but no big deal! Next time I think I will knead it longer too, that makes it denser. Right now it reminds me of biscuits (which are delicious as well!) I can't wait to eat sandwiches this week now!

So it was really a great day for me, I woke up early to bake and while everything was in the oven I put some sewing time in. And the sewing will continue after dinner! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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