Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I can has kitteh?!

I've been a little absent from my sewing machine lately, mostly because we got a new kitteh! His name is Daniel Striped Tiger (any fans of Mr. Rogers out there???) and he is the cutest but whiniest kitten in the entire world. Who can sew when there's a teeny little fuzzball giving me those big sad eyes and mewing at me to play?

He's pretty small but he has extra big paws! That must be one of his tiger traits. But he's a tame tiger, just like his namesake. He just started getting along with the other cat (who is 3 years old and pretty mean in general) so I'm happy we don't need to separate them anymore!
I think we should put a caption on the picture below (icanhascheezburger style) that says "Escape". It does look like he's trying to hit the button, doesn't it?
And because I didn't want the baby to feel left out:

She did an awesome job helping me water my plants. And the rest of the patio. =D

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